Xiao Ai Touchscreen Speaker Pro 8 With Larger Screen Launched

According to the latter news, Xiaomi will push a small screen version of Xiao Ai speakers. Today, the company officially announced the launch of the Xiao Ai Touchscreen Speaker Pro 8.

According to the poster, the Xiao Ai touchscreen speaker Pro 8 is equivalent to adding a large flat screen to the speaker. In the past, there were smart speakers with small screens, but this is the first time that the size is so large.

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At the Xiaomi 9 launch conference on February 20 this year, Xiaomi brought the first Xiao Ai touch screen speaker․ They support film and television resources and QQ music library. That’s why it is known as a 4-inch “small TV”. That device is equipped with a custom alarm clock as well as brings music and video. They can be used as an alarm clock, but you can also install various apps.

Xiao Ai Touchscreen Speaker

The Xiao Ai touchscreen speaker Pro 8 can be considered as a large screen upgraded version of the original model. It is assumed to support many players and is extremely rich in content. The Xiao Ai touchscreen speaker Pro 8 comes with a Hi-Fi audio processing chip. By the way, texas Instruments high-performance audio amplifier provides high efficiency, low distortion, and advanced multi-band dynamic response control algorithms. It also has a DTS professional tuning and other functions.


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