Tesla’s Stock Price Hits High Record For The Third Consecutive Day

On December 21, Tesla’s stock price hit a high record for the third consecutive trading day. At the time the US Stock market closed the company’s stock price at $405.59.

On Friday, Tesla shares reached $413 which is $7 less than the Musk’s privatization price ($420) more than a year ago. Also on the same day, Tesla’s stock price rose by 0.38% again, closing at $ 405.59 per share. What’s even more impressive is that the present share price exceeds the company’s last closing price record ($383.45). Thus the company’s market value is $73.106 billion now.


On Wednesday, Tesla’s stock price reached a new high level, closing at $393. It is important to mention that the previous day the price was about $379. The increase was over $15, or 3.7% which is tremendous growth for a day. Based on the closing price, the company’s market value for the day was $70.863 billion, which is great but not proper for Musk’s criteria.

In the next two trading days, Tesla’s stock price hit new highs continuously. On Thursday the company’s stock price closed at just over $404, while on the previous closing price was about $393. The increase was approximately $11, or 2.7%. This is the first time the company’s closing price has exceeded $400 since it went public on June 29, 2010. Based on the closing day, the company’s market value for the day was $72.826 billion.

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 In August 2018, Musk posted on twitter a plan to reach Tesla’s stock priceup to $420 and added that funds had been put in place. This post shocked investors, and the majority of them did not believe. However, the information revealed later showed that the funds had not been fully implemented.

Later on September 25 last year, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a claim against Musk for misleading information. However a day later the two sides reached a settlement.

Summing up Tesla’s stock price is continuously increasing which is due to the great efforts and strategy of the company.    


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