Someone Made Physibo (a physical keyboard) for iPhone

A Japanese investor Sumitaka Kanno recently launched the Physibo, a physical keyboard case for iPhone X/XS and 11 Pro. Unlike simple keyboards, this iPhone case involves a keyboard in it making it easy to use. On the other hand, one of the disadvantages of Physibo is its length.  

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The Physibo is a very comfortable and efficient QWERTY keyboard. The smartphone case is a new product that has several advantages among its previous iPhone keyboard models. For many users, this keyboard is fast and convenient. But if you are fine with a touchscreen you do not need Physibo. Moreover many Androids avoid physical keyboard because of its cost. The physical keyboard is more expensive than a touchscreen only. Besides these factors the risk of breakdown is high, and if juice or coffee is split, you need to repair your physical keyboard. Furthermore, the Physibo sports backlight. Thus in addition to Bluetooth and connection, you will have light in your case.

The Physibo aim is to give an older design to new technology. Users can enjoy the traditional look of a classic keyboard with their beloved iPhone. What’s even more impressive is that Physibo provides an opportunity to type faster and do fewer mistakes. Unlike its competitors, the device has better design, especially when dropped. The key shape and material are also unique. The design is much more durable than past prototypes of this device.

The crowdfunding price of the keyboard case is $55, and you will get it in February 2020.


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