Xiaomi Ring Iron Four-Unit Headset Price 50% Off Big Promotion

Xiaomi sends New Year new benefits, Xiaomi ring iron four-unit headset 50% off promotion, the original price of 999 yuan ($155). So you can get it for 499 yuan ($78). The headset has audiophile HiFi sound quality, fully compatible wireless cable support, Hi-Res certification. It also has Sony LDAC high-definition sound quality, OFC oxygen-free copper silver-plated wire and other selling points.

The Xiaomi ring iron four-unit headset was released in October 2019. It uses a dual-ring dual-iron four-unit headset. It has been Hi-Res certified, compatible with wired and Bluetooth modes, and supports LDAC. The company said that it comes with three wires, two 3.5mm pairs. This wire has high tri-frequency separation and outstanding human voice performance, and the material is soft, not easy to knot, and has good sound quality and durable features. In addition, these three wires have microphones and simple wire control functions. And a pair of Type-C silver-plated wire, Type-C version comes with digital decoding chip.

Xiaomi ring iron four-unit headset

Xiaomi ring iron four-unit headset features

For ordinary users, the loop design can also extend the life of the headset. Because most of the damage to the headset is caused by poor wire contact. In terms of acoustic design, the front double-acting iron structure of the Xiaomi ring iron four-unit headset combines the two moving coils together. The coaxial design can ensure the consistency of the two units. The sound cavity ear shell is made of high temperature firing of zirconia ceramic powder. The official also said that the ceramic ear shell is stronger and has less sound distortion. The earphone also adopts the gold-plated MMCX interface design, compatible with the mainstream earphone cable in the market. The official wire is braided by OFC oxygen-free copper silver-plated wire and wrapped with Kevlar fiber. In addition, the manufacturer also provided a Bluetooth adapter to support a variety of decoding technologies.

Xiaomi ring iron four-unit headset

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