Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Posters Reveal Its Key Features

Even back in March, when Huami has been introducing its financial report, it said the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is in works and will hit the market soon. A couple of weeks ago, we began getting too much leaks and news concerning the upcoming Xiaomi smartband. This was a clear hint the new smart wearable device’s launch is imminent. A few days ago, the manufacturer announced it will be uncovered on June 11. Only several days have been left before the official announcement. And today, Xiaomi released many posters showing the actual look of this product. Moreover, they also reveal the selling points of the Mi Band 5.

The company missed some key words and lets us fill them with the proper features. Let’s ignite it together with the Xiaomi Mi Band 5! Support ______ for the first time? Newly join ______? Super convenient ______?

From the renderings, the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 supports pressure monitoring, and also supports table tennis, tennis, basketball, rowing machine, yoga, rope skipping and other sports modes. Of course, mobile payment is also essential.

We have previously learned that the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will support smartphone control for the firs time. Through your band, you can take pictures on your smartphone. In addition, it will bring new 5 sports modes: yoga, elliptical machine, rowing machine, skipping rope and indoor bicycle. With this, it will increase the total number of sports modes to 11. Also, the Mi Band 5 will support heart rate tracking through SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation) measurement, and other health functions will include menstrual cycle tracking.

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