Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro Wireless Noise Reducing Earphones Officially Announced

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro is finally here! The official Weibo of Xiaomi Smart Life announced today that at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning, the pre-sale of the Xiaomi noise cancelling headphones will open. It will block all disturbances and bring you a moment of peace.

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro

The poster shows that the Xiaomi Mi Air2 Pro noise cancelling headphones can eliminate common noise sources in daily life, such as noisy neighborhoods, subway roar, gym noise, mechanical factory noise, neighbor decoration noise, traffic surging highway, etc. The Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro does not need a phone to operate. Just press and hold the back to switch the noise reduction mode.

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The poster also shows the design of the Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro. It uses an in-ear design with a rounded overall shape. It is worth mentioning that the new Xiaomi noise-cancelling headphones do not use an all-in-one design. It has a matte texture. The outside has a lacquer design. It’s simple but not monotonous.

Features of the earphones

As it was mentioned before, the Mi Air 2 Pro has a single ear weight of 6.5g. It uses a feedforward and feedback hybrid digital noise reduction, reaching a noise reduction intensity of 35dB. This headset features a 12mm dynamic coil unit. It has a 7 hours of battery life when noise reduction is turned off, and 5 hours of battery life when noise reduction is turned on. It supports wireless charging, voice wake-up and transparent mode. The audio delay is 100ms. On the other hand it supports AAC and LHDC decoding. In addition, the Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro does not need a phone to operate.


As for the price, Xiaomi’s noise-canceling headset Air 2 Pro is expected to be less than 600 yuan ($84).

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