Redmi Watch

Redmi Watch Released: 7 Sports Modes + 3 Monitoring Functions

Tonight, Redmi officially released the Note 9 Pro, Note 9, and Note 9 4G phones. In addition, Redmi also released its first smartwatch – Redmi Watch with a small square screen.

Redmi Watch

The small square screen of the Redmi Watch adopts a Nordic design. It features a 1.4-inch 323PPI high-definition screen. The watch also supports 7 sports modes, XiaoAi voice assistant, and multi-function NFC. In terms of battery, it has 7 days of battery life and up to 12 days of standby time.

The small square screen of the Redmi Watch costs 299 yuan ($45). The pre-sale will start on all channels on November 26. The pre-sale price is 269 yuan ($41).

Redmi Watch

The Redmi Watch small square screen is the second wrist wearable product of the Redmi brand. In April this year, the Redmi bracelet was released.

The overall weight of the Redmi Watch is only 35g. It is light and unburdened, and the almost non-sense wearing experience allows you to stay focused at all times during the study, work, and sports.

Availability in 3 colors

In terms of color options, the small square screen of the Redmi Watch provides users with more choices. The newly introduced Morandi color system makes green vitality and high-quality texture coexist. The watch body is available in 3 colors, elegant black, ivory white, and ink blue. The strap also adds cherry blossom pink and pine needle green two more popular colors. Pure colors and contrast colors can be matched as you like.

Redmi Watch

The small square screen of the Redmi Watch introduces a minimalist design language of Nordic style. It is versatile and attractive. The 2.5D curved glass panel, matte-textured table body, and metal-textured buttons make the table body simple and refined. The strap is made of skin-friendly TPU material. On the other hand, it adopts hot bending technology to fit the curvature of the wrist. The detachable buckle design is stable and easy for users to replace.

Redmi Watch

Compared with traditional bracelets, the big screen has obvious advantages. A single screen carries a lot of content, displays core information more intuitively and efficiently, and reduces the number of screen swipes. The number of dials has also been increased to more than 120, with classic simplicity, cool IP, and independent design. You can change one every day and do not repeat the same for 40 days.

3 monitoring functions

The Redmi Watch supports three monitoring functions. Heart rate monitoring can not only monitor your heart rate changes 24 hours a day, but also record your resting heart rate for the past 30 days, helping you understand the long-term changes in health problems. For example, sleep monitoring helps you achieve your sleep goals by analyzing your sleep conditions and start a new energetic day. The effective standing monitoring can count your effective standing times, encourage you to reduce sedentarily, remind you to get up and walk. Also, it will help you to stretch your waist, move your cervical spine, and cultivate good living habits. In addition, it also supports breathing training function. When you feel the pressure hits, you might as well take a deep breath to calm your mood.

Redmi Watch

7 sports modes

The small square screen of the Redmi Watch supports 7 sports modes, namely outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, walking, swimming in the pool, and free activities. The built-in high-precision six-axis sensor can accurately capture every movement state. With the movement algorithm, it can comprehensively record your movement data, making it more convenient for targeted training. The 50-meter water resistance also makes you more comfortable in sports, free from restrictions on swimming and surfing. You can use the small square screen of the Redmi Watch for a week without worrying about charging it once. Long battery life mode can extend battery life to 12 days to cope with longer usage scenarios.

Redmi Watch

The small square screen of Redmi Watch has a built-in microphone to support Xiao Ai. With just one sentence, Xiao Ai on your wrist can help you get it done. The multi-functional NFC function not only allows you to use the watch in more than 270 cities across the country, but it can also be used in more than 270 cities across the country. Moreover, you can use the watch to write access cards, link the Xiaomi door lock to open the door, and more.

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