OnePlus Smartwatch Design Patent Leaked: A Round Dial Design

Recently, techniknews reported that after years of delay, it was finally leaked that OnePlus will launch its first smartwatch in early 2021. Although the company did not share any details about the time to appear in the market, there are rumors that the OnePlus Watch will be released in March this year.

The German Patent and Trademark Office (GPTO) website showed the design of OnePlus’ upcoming smartwatch. This patented smartwatch uses a round dial design. Tipster Max Jambor also confirmed that the upcoming OnePlus Watch will adopt a circular design.

Interestingly, the smartwatch that OnePlus applied for is not one, but two. One is a “standard” watch. The other is a “sports” watch. It also looks very similar to the Sport Bands for the Apple Watch. Although both watches have a circular design, there are some obvious differences between the two. The sports version uses a buckle bracelet. By contrast, the regular version is very smooth.

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In addition, there are more similarities than differences. Both sides of the watch have two buttons. Moreover, both versions of the watch have two buttons on the side as well as an optical heart rate sensor, blood oxygen level, plus what appears to be charging pins. Also notice the quick release mechanism for swapping out the wrist straps.

Beneath them, two contact points likely for magnetic charging are also visible. The report says that this could be the ‘Sports Version’ of the ‘OnePlus Watch’.

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