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New Xiaomi 10 Series Is The First That Uses 8×8 MU MIMO

Today, Xiaomi Mobile officially announced the new Xiaomi 10 series smartphones. In addition to using the first LPDDR5 memory, Lei Jun announced that Xiaomi 10 is the first smartphone that supports 8×8 MU-MIMO. 

MU-MIMO is a multi-user receiving multiple data streams at the same time, and 8×8 MU-MIMO supports eight streams at the same time.

Also, Lei Jun clarified the core technology of Wi-Fi 6 by example: Previously, each communication was “1 to 1 service”, now multiple users enjoy “8 to 1 service” at the same time. The Wi-Fi 6 technology supported by Xiaomi 10 series can simultaneously complete data transmission with 8 1×1 devices or 4 2×2 devices in a communication cycle.

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In addition, the speed of Wi-Fi 6 supported by the Xiaomi 10 series is 16 times faster than that of the commonly used 802.11n. In addition to this technology, it can achieve four times effective speedup in crowded areas such as offices or airports. It can also use TWT technology to notify smartphones or IoT devices when they are not in use. When you need communication, it enters the sleep state to achieve the purpose of the power saving of the terminal.

At present, Xiaomi Mi 10 has confirmed that it will be released online on February 13, and an appointment is now open. The Xiaomi 10 series new product launch conference starts at 14:00 on February 13th. At that time, the IT House will broadcast the Xiaomi 10 new product launch conference and provide a Xiaomi 10 flagship smartphone as an interactive prize.

In terms of price, the Xiaomi 10 series will be 9999 yuan, which equals $1428.



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