Mijia DC Frequency Conversion Circulation Fan Released

The new Mijia DC Frequency Conversion Circulation Fan products are already out. They have a strong air path system to achieve indoor air circulation and can effectively solve a variety of indoor environmental problems. At present, pre-sales have started at Xiaomi Mall and Xiaomi Youpin platform. The pre-sale price is 299 yuan ($42), and the official price is 349 yuan ($49).

Mijia DC Frequency Conversion Circulation Fan

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The Mijia DC Frequency Conversion Circulation Fan has 10 meters of concentrated direct air blowing, strong air path system, and the air volume is up to 18 cubic meters/min. With strong wind power, the indoor air can be quickly circulated. And it comes with a unique design to blow out wind in a concentrated manner. So it will achieve the effect of ‘stirring’ the air.

Mijia DC Frequency Conversion Circulation Fan

The Mijia DC frequency conversion circulating fan adopts a DC brushless motor. There is no stuck problem when switching between different speeds. The large-inclination axial flow fan cooperates with the concentrated energy long-axis fan tube to cut the air at high speed and stabilize the wind force at the same time. It supports 5 block natural wind adjustment, simulating natural wind algorithm. The large inclination fan blade depicts soft wind line, as comfortable as the fan.

Mijia DC Frequency Conversion Circulation Fan


Apart from this, the Mijia DC Frequency Conversion Circulation Fan adopts a fully automatic three-dimensional swing head design. There is no blind spot in the swinging head angle, 120° left and right, 90° up and down and a wide angle automatic stereo air supply. The large air circulation evenly cools and warms, balancing the indoor temperature and humidity. When used in conjunction with an air conditioner, it can quickly circulate the cooling/heating system and quickly move the indoor temperature.

Mijia DC Frequency Conversion Circulation Fan

This fan supports remote control through Mijia app, and supports the voice control of Xiaoai. Of course, it can be linked to other smart products of Mijia. You can enjoy 40 hours of comfortable wind with 1 kWh. The rated power of the brushless DC motor is as low as 24W. It comes with low noise and power saving options.

The top of the Mijia DC inverter circulation fan is also designed with a portable handle. There is also a child lock to protect the safety intimately and prevent children from accidentally touching it.

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