Xiaomi Mi Wireless Power Bank 30W 10000mAh And Wireless Charger Released

Today, Xiaomi launched the Mi Wireless Power Bank 30W 10000mAh. It has been pre-sold at 199 yuan ($29.40).

The Xiaomi Mi Wireless Power Bank adopts a separate design. It is both a vertical wireless charger and a wireless power bank. It can provide 30W wireless charging for the Mi 10 Ultra, Mi 10 Pro, and Mi 9 Pro, and it can charge the phone to 48% in 1 hour.

Mi Wireless Power Bank

The Xiaomi Mi Wireless Power Bank also has two output ports – USB-A and USB-C. When the USB-C interface is working separately, it can provide 30W high-power flash charging for smart devices. In the power bank mode, it supports wireless and wired output simultaneously, charging three devices at the same time. The USB-C interface supports two-way fast charging, with an input power of up to 18W. So the battery can fully charge in in 4 hours.

Mi Wireless Power Bank

In addition, the Mi Wireless Power Bank also supports low current charging. Double-click the current check button to enter the low-current charging mode to power low-current smart devices such as Bluetooth headsets and bracelets. It can be used in combination with smart accessories such as Mijia portable fans.

Mi Wireless Power Bank

The Mi Power Bank supports smart FOD metal foreign body detection and protection to avoid the misplacement of keys, coins and other metal foreign bodies that may cause high power consumption. At the same time, it provides multiple circuit protections to easily deal with various abnormal conditions such as overcharge, overdischarge, high temperature, short circuit, etc.

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