Meizu Will Push Four 5G Smartphones In 2020

Recently, Meizu Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Liang Dongming in an interview said. “In 2020, Meizu will launch about 4 high-end 5G smartphones”. The veteran engineer joined Meizu in 2003 as the leader of the technology research and development team. So far he is leading the overall smartphone research and development work.

In the face of the 5G tide, many domestic smartphone manufacturers have announced their preliminary product plans in advance. Today, Meizu has also announced about “AII in 5G” in 2020.

5G Smartphones

Liang Dongming said in an interview that Meizu still hopes to return to the “brand first” strategy. After swaying the brand strategy in the past years, in 2020, Meizu hopes to focus on 5G smartphone “fine products”. It may not be possible to make so many models, but each model must be done in accordance with the boutique. This is the biggest change in strategy.

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He explained why Meizu did not launch 5G smartphones for the first time. They were waiting for the official commercialization of the Snapdragon 865 flagship 5G chip. Compared to the 5G device of the X50 solution, Meizu made the decision to choose the more mature Snapdragon X55 solution.

In Liang Dongming’s view, 2019 is the first year of 5G, and most products are still in the test phase. 2020 will be the year of large-scale commercial use of 5G. It is understood that Meizu initially plans to release at least 4 flagship 5G smartphones next year, and

5G Smartphones

For details of 5G smartphones, Liang Dongming did not disclose further. However, he said that in addition to 5G, Meizu’s innovations in lens, UI, and screen will become the key to enhancing competitiveness.

It is reported that in the 5G era, Meizu will continue to explore new technologies such as folding screens and wireless charging on the basis of consolidating its advantages.


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