RedmiBook 16 With 10th Generation Intel Core Processor Coming On July 8

Xiaomi has previously released the RedmiBook16 Ruilong version. Today, the RedmiBook 16 equipped with Intel’s tenth-generation Core processor has also been officially announced. This laptop is said to hit the market on July 8.

RedmiBook 16 10th generation INtel core chip

The selling point of this laptop is the 10th generation Intel Core processor. However, prior to this, Redmi released the RedmiBook 16 Ruilong version. There are two options: Ruilong 5 4500U and Ruilong 7 4700U. The former has 6 cores and 6 threads. The built-in Vega 6 core display has 384 stream processors and the GPU frequency is 1500MHz. The latter has an 8-core 8-thread design, built-in Vega 7 core display, which has 448 stream processors, and the GPU frequency is 1600MHz.

Well, once again, the new laptop will use the 10th generation Intel Core processor, which is based on the 10nm process.

It is reported that the highest specification of the 10nm Ice Lake low-voltage processor is four cores and eight threads. At the same time, the cache is up to 8MB; the highest Turbo frequency is 4.1GHz; and the Iris Plus core display has up to 64 EU units.

RedmiBook 16 10th generation INtel core chip

It is worth noting that the 10nm Ice Lake low-voltage processor natively supports Thunderbolt 3, and the memory frequency supports up to LPDDR4(X)-3733 and DDR4-3200. In contrast, the i7-8565U supports up to DDR4-2400 and LPDDR3-2133. A significant increase in memory frequency is critical to the performance of the core display.

In addition, the new RedmiBook 16 uses a narrow bezel design. The body is only 15 inches in size, achieving both portable and visual considerations.


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