Nubia Executives Exposed The Red Magic 5G Smartphone Charging Chart

In 2020, the next-generation flagships of major manufacturers will be on 5G. Huawei and Appl and other smartphone brands will mostly use the Snapdragon 865 + X55 platform. In addition, Nubia’s new flagship the Red Magic 5G will also use a 144Hz screen. Now the company’s executives have new evidence, suggesting that the Red Magic’s new flagship uses 100W fast charging.

This morning, Ni Fei, the CEO and co-founder of Nubia, posted a Weibo, as shown below:


When you open the big picture, you can see that this is a screenshot of a smartphone being charged. The voltage is 8.4V and the current is 9.6A, which is exactly 100W. The fast charge protocol is the USB PD, and the 100W power is just USB PD fast charge the highest level.

Before Nubia, Xiaomi also demonstrated 100W fast charging technology before. The Super Charge Turbo supports a dual-cell series design. it uses two strings of battery technology and adds a 98% ultra-efficient 2: 1 the charge pump. At the same time, it uses extremely low impedance and high-cost materials. As a result, the device can be filled with a 4000mAh battery in only 17 minutes.

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However, the 100W fast charging technology has not yet been mass-produced. It still needs to solve difficult problems such as high cost, safety and reliability. The 100W fast charging technology shown by Nubia may not be able to mass-produce, because there is the Red Magic 5G. The Red Magic 5G that was previously connected to the network displays The charger model is NB-A1150A-USBA-C, and the charging power is up to 55W (11V / 5A).

From a practical point of view, the Red Magic 5G smartphone is still more likely to use 55W fast charge. And 100W fast charge should still be used for technology demonstration.


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