Insiders: Microsoft’s Xbox Scarlett Is Strictly Confidential, Microsoft Wants to “Surprise” Sony

Xbox Scarlett

The news about Sony’s next-generation console PS5 can be describe as endless. However, Microsoft’s next-generation console does not seem to have caused much “waves”. But, some insiders have recently reveal some news about Microsoft’s next-generation console Xbox Scarlett. Let’s take a look.

The Verge editor Tom Warren said in response to news from netizens about Microsoft’s Xbox Scarlett that few people currently get the Xbox Scarlett development machine. The current development machine is still far from the final production version. Microsoft wants to surprise Sony this time. The performance of the next-generation host is not the most important, and the next-generation host will have a greater improvement in SSD and CPU. As well as the vendor’s unique software and content services.

Microsoft executives have stated earlier that the Xbox Scarlett’s CPU will be excellent, with 4K and 120 frames. At the same time, Microsoft Xbox Scarlett will be equip with a third-generation Ryzen processor and Navi graphics card. It will be equip with an SSD and will be officially released at the end of 2020.

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