6G Network Is Still In The Survey Stage According To MIIT

On the morning of January 20, the State Council Information Office held a press conference. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology introduced the development of the industrial communications industry in 2019. MIIT spokesman Venkuu says that the 6G is neither disruptive nor worrying. At present, it still needs to become practical, as the 5G has just begun to develop, and much remains to be done. First of all, the 5G work must be done well and then the 6G network work must be started. However, whether it is 5G or 6G, this work is global. At present, we are still in the exploration stage before the results are displayed.

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Industry and Information and Technology Minister Miao Wei added that there is an organization in China called IMT-2020. However, we are currently working to expand to IMT-2030. This organization is mainly based on the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology․ At the same time, the organization organizes all aspects of the world to work together on next-generation standards.

6G network

Research. Three standards in the 3G era, two global standards in the 4G era, globally unified standards in the 5G era, and the benefits of globally unified standards are self-evident. We must cherish hard-won achievements. In the 6G network era, no matter what, we must also work to promote globally unified standards. In the process, we must adhere to the road of open cooperation. We will never close our doors to study China’s standards ourselves, which will be independent of the world.


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