TCL Supports Xiaomi’s Mass-Produced Smartphones With Third-gen Under-Screen Camera Technology

This morning, TCL China Star official Weibo channel reposted Xiaomi’s founder Lei Jun’s post about ‘under-screen cameras’ on August 28. With this move, TCL just indicated that China Star Optoelectronics will continue to be a Xiaomi partner. It will also provide support for Xiaomi’s mass-produced smartphones using third-generation under-screen camera technology.

As you remember, on August 28, Lei Jun stated on Weibo that through the unremitting efforts of the Xiaomi engineer team, Xiaomi’s third-generation under-screen camera technology has reached the level of mass production and will be mass-produced next year.

‘Our team of engineers insists on continuous innovation. The under-screen camera technology is iterated three editions a year. Now, the ultimate form of full screen is here!’

The first generation of under-screen camera technology – In June 2019, transparent cathode and anode materials, laid the foundation for the subsequent development of under-screen camera technology.

The second generation of under-screen camera technology – In October 2019, some pixels display the other part of the light transmission. The current industry mainstream is this generation.

Recently, Xiaomi’s third-generation under-screen camera technology was officially released. It comes with full-pixel display and pixel-gap imaging. So it achieves a balance between display effect and selfie performance. This is a breakthrough in the under-screen camera technology, reaching the level of mass production!

Lu Weibing, general manager of the Redmi brand, said that Xiaomi’s third-generation off-screen camera technology has solved two major problems in the industry. One is whether the display in the hole area can be visually the same as other areas (pixel compensation); The transmittance of the camera and the color cast caused by it. He said that Xiaomi’s third-generation off-screen camera is currently the most advanced technology. And it will become the best solution in the full-screen era.

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