Facebook May Face a $35 Billion Class Action Lawsuit

According to foreign media reports, in a $35 billion class action lawsuit involving the abuse of facial recognition data in Illinois, Facebook was unfavorable. Today the court rejected the full hearing request, meaning that Facebook no longer has the opportunity to suspend the lawsuit. Unless the Supreme Court intervenes, the case will enter the proceedings.

The lawsuit stated that Illinois residents did not agree to upload un-uploaded facial recognition scans. They were not told how long the data would be kept on the server after the match began in 2011. According to the lawsuit, Facebook will face a penalty of $1,000 to $5,000 for each user. Involving a total of more than 7 million users and a total compensation amount of up to $35 billion.

The three judges of the Ninth Circuit Court rejected Facebook’s motion to revoke the lawsuit and appeal against the plaintiff’s collective identity verification. One of the judges saysthat Facebook’s facial recognition data “seems to be possible” ans is use to identify users in surveillance videos. And even unlock phones that use biometric encryption. Facebook originally developed this feature to provide photo tag suggestion. Which asks if a person in an unmarked photo is a particular friend.

A Facebook spokesperson responded to the report: Facebook always explains to the user the use of facial recognition technology. And gives users control over whether the company is allows to use the technology. We are researching our response and will actively defend the company.

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