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Huawei Router A2 Went on Sale Since December 1

Huawei Router A2
Huawei Router A2

In the past, the majority of connection routes was very inconvenient because of their old password typing method and insecure characteristics. The Huawei Router A2 is coming with a new way of connecting. This device is the first one-touch NFC router.

The Huawei Router A2 is equipped with a 1.4GHz quad-core processor, computing power of which is 12880DMIPS. Also, it sports three Wi-Fi chips, six independent signal amplifiers, and six signal receivers, which greatly improve signal transmitting power and receiving sensitivity. Also, the Huawei Router A2 uses the Mesh networking function, which guarantees full house Wi-Fi. After networking, multiple routes are automatically unified into a Wi-Fi name and automatically choose a faster Wi-Fi in the location. 

Due to its powerful hardware, the Huawei Router A2 identifies various activities, such as downloads, videos, games, online courses, etc. After this, the device automatically schedules activities from high priority services to less, in order to accelerate games, online courses, and channels. Consequently, when multiple devices are connected and various services are in action, the operations are not disturbed. What’s even more impressive is that you can simultaneously watch videos and download data due to the stable connection of the Huawei Router A2. Being wireless, this handset uses the latest 802.11 wireless version.

What Makes The Huawei Router A2 Stand Out?

Speaking about connecting, unlike other routers, when you must tell everyone the password for entering, with the Huawei Router A2 you will only touch your phone to the top of the router and you can automatically connect to Wi-Fi. Besides, when the Wi-Fi password or name is changed, the router will automatically synchronize a reconnect to the same Wi-Fi. Thus, you can forget about password entry steps.

重构家庭WiFi体验 华为路由A2正式上市

Moreover, what makes the Huawei Router A2 stand out among others is child protection. In order to avoid addiction to the Internet, parents used traditional and short-life methods. Now, the Huawei Router A2 provides very effective protection against addiction. Parents can use the Huawei Smart Life APP to limit the time of games, videos, social services, etc. It is important to mention that this service can also prohibit pornographic, violent and other dangerous services for children.

The Huawei Router A2 is able to find and block fraud (fake travel ticket purchase network, fake banks, etc), risk (stealing private info, Internet viruses, etc), illegal websites and so on. Thus, this device can protect not only children but also elder and less informed people.  

The Huawei Router A2 has been launched on December 1 in both Huawei Mall and Jingdong Mall. The price is 399 yuan, which equals $56.     


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