Xiaomi Smart Door and Windows Sensor 2 Released

On Monday, the official WeChat account of Xiaomi Mall announced a new smart home product – Xiaomi Smart Door and Windows Sensor 2. It has a crowdfunding price of 39 yuan ($5.59), while the retail price is 49 yuan ($7). The new product will be available at 10:00 on August 12 Xiaomi Mall and Xiaomi Home.

The Xiaomi door and window sensor (first generation) released in 2015. The new product supports the Mijia multi-function gateway, which can detect the status of the door and window in real time. It also has a new light sensor, which realizes the combination of opening and closing and can be linked to more scenes.

Xiaomi Smart Door and Windows Sensor 2

According to the official introduction, when it detects that the light is dimmed, the Xiaomi door and window sensor 2 will send a signal to link the smart light to realize the scene of opening the door at night. In addition, through the built-in magnetic induction, the opening and closing status of doors and windows can be judged. So you can use a smartphone to view and link the Xiaoai audio.

The Xiaomi Smart Door and Windows Sensor 2 can be synchronized with our smartphone through the Mi Home application, which can be downloaded from the Google Play store or the Apple Store. It is compatible with both Android and iOS. When synchronized we will access a greater range of functions such as those mentioned above.

Like the first-gen model, it consists of 2 devices that takes the shape of aspirin, both are white and the only thing we can see at first glance is the Xiaomi logo and a small LED light that indicates that it is working.

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