Xiaomi Announced Midian Zero Blu-ray Bedside Lamp

Xiaomi has launched its first bedside lamp a few years ago. Currently, there are a few models that are well-recognized and accepted by thousands of buyers. To continue this success, the company has decided to come in with another model. Yesterday, Xiaomi Youpin puts Midian Zero Blu-ray Bedside Lamp crowdfunding, priced at 199 yuan ($28). The manufacturer says this product comes with the zero-blue LED technology of the academician team of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It can improve sleep and wake up regularly without hurting the eyes.

Midian Zero Blu-ray Bedside Lamp

The Midian Zero Blu-ray Bedside Lamp adopts the zero-blue LED light source developed by the academician team of the Chinese Academy of Sciences of Nanchang University. It comes with high-efficiency yellow light LED as the core and red light LED to achieve a phosphor-free, low color temperature pure LED light source Intellectual property.

The zero-blue light source of this product belongs to the longwave band in the spectrum. In this mode, the color temperature is 1700-1900K. And there is no short-wave blue light. The light color is soft and comfortable, which can improve sleep quality.

The Midian Zero Blu-ray Bedside Lamp supports custom shutdown time, app timing, and local key synchronization. The product can use the “wake-up” function through the Mijia app to set the daily wake-up time and select soft music. It supports switching between zero blue light mode and white light mode. Also, our protagonist supports Xiaoai voice command control.


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