New Xiaomi Monitor Leaked: Coming To Wash Out 80% Of Other Brands

In October last year, Xiaomi released its first display product, a 34-inch curved display (Xiaomi Surface at 2499 yuan) and a 23.8-inch flat panel display (Xiaomi Monitor at 699 yuan). Xiaomi, who is known as the price butcher, has finally started to work in the display field. Like Xiaomi TV, it quickly swept the market share with its superior cost performance.

Recently, it was reported that Xiaomi Display internally released the latest announcement to partners, including the new product of Xiaomi and the plan to launch the low-end Redmi brand display:

  • To be listed in June: Redmi 23.8 ordinary model, media price positioning: below 600;
  • To be listed in July: Xiaomi 27 e-sports;
  • Available in November: Xiaomi 29.5 or Xiaomi 27 4K;
  • To be listed in September: Xiaomi 24.5 e-sports..

In addition, according to reports, Xiaomi’s display department has internally announced that I will expand the product line to more than 20 different models within one year. Moreover, each model will become an explosive model. The global sales target is set at 30 million units. According to Xiaomi’s vision, the display market in mainland China will be reshuffled within one year. And 80% of the brands will be washed away within two years. At most, only five companies, such as Dell and Lenovo, will remain.

Xiaomi Monitor 34-inch Features

As for the current and the most attractive model of the company, the 34-inch Xiaomi curved display uses a 21: 9 ultra-wideband fish screen with a resolution of 3440 × 1440. According to the official introduction, the brightness is as high as 300 nits. Due to the high contrast of 3000:1, the color are vivid.

Moreover, the refresh rate of the Xiaomi curved display is 144Hz, which effectively reduces the game screen jam and smear. At the same time, it is equipped with AMD FreeSync technology. It can be consistent with the screen display when inputting at a high frame rate, reduce the problems of stuttering, flower screen and tearing when playing games, and improve the visual smoothness.

More importantly, it uses low-blue light control technology, which can reduce the flicker of the display screen, filter high-energy blue light, keep the picture lasting, stable and clear, and effectively reduce eye fatigue.

In addition, it can provide 16.7 million true colors and rich color depth, up to 121% sRGB wide color gamut. This will ensure a realistic and delicate colors. With a 1500R surround curved screen, it will bring an immersive audio and video entertainment experience.

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