Lenovo Releases 12.9-Inch Smart Photo Display Smart-Frame

Due to the increasing number of digital photo frames on the market, many people like to decorate their living spaces with personalized artwork or photos. Although these frames will become the center of the room at first. After a period of time, they will inevitably become the background like other pictures on the wall. However, just-released Lenovo Smart-Frame guarantees its long-lasting eye-catching characteristics with a 21.9-inch display.

If you just look at the border, the frame style is difficult to distinguish from the traditional photo frame. However, only the appearance of the slide shows the difference.

  As you can see, this product is also coated with an anti-glare coating. It is equipped with a 1920×1080 FHD high-definition screen and an 85-degree viewing angle. That helps to create a “handmade” look.

In order to truly do its best, Lenovo has integrated ambient light and hue sensors. It can make the picture look as natural as possible in the surrounding environment by adjusting the brightness and overall “temperature” of the picture.

Lenovo Smart-Frame

The built-in motion sensor in front of Lenovo Smart-Frame allows users to switch slides in the form of hand waves. Or you can use the matching application to switch. In addition, artificial intelligence technology also helps users choose high-quality images compatible with Smart Frame.f

Lenovo Smart-Frame will definitely fit with your room interior

At the same time, users can also customize slideshows, thanks to the collage function. The function allows users to choose to display some different images at the same time. The rumored look back features will help to satisfy the nostalgic elements that traditional photo frames usually have. In addition, art lovers can also select hundreds of different works from the supporting applications.

Lenovo Smart-Frame

As for the installation, it will not be a difficult task.

 Finally, Lenovo Smart-Frame also contains a microphone and a pair of 2-watt speakers. This creates the possibility to integrate with Smart Home Assistant and support for video playback.

It is reported that the basic model of this product costs $ 400.


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