Xiaomi Youpin Launches Aerogel Gloves: Easier To Use Smartphones

As winter comes, you need to wear gloves to ride bicycles and electric bicycles. Conventional thick gloves are bulky and you just cannot use smartphones. And of course, it is very inconvenient. In this regard, Xiaomi Youpin has launched a Supai aerogel anti-cold and warm non-slip touch screen gloves. The gloves are aerogel cold resistant. It uses elastic suede cloth, silicone anti-slip, touch screen design, and other selling points. The price is 129 yuan ($19).

Aerogel Gloves

Aerogel is a very light solid known to mankind. More than 80% of the interior is air. Aerogel has been rated as one of the top ten new materials in the 21st century. It has obtained many Guinness World Records for its physical and chemical properties. It also has ultra-low thermal conductivity. On the other hand, it is used as the core insulation material of the NASA spacesuit.

Aerogel Gloves

Supai aerogel details

Supai aerogel fabric has a breathability and moisture permeability index of 3000+, with dense bionic pores, super breathability. And what is one of the important points is that it will not feel stuffy after long wear. Plush lining, it’s comfortable to touch. Supai aerogel anti-cold and non-slip touch-screen gloves are available in black, camouflage, and gray colors. The total length is 25.4cm, the middle finger is 9cm. And the palm width is 10.8cm.

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The overall fabric of the gloves is polyester fiber and spandex. The internal test has a design of the non-slip silicone offset printing. This can help users easily and firmly grasp important items such as handshake in severe winter. And they are not easy to lose.

Aerogel Gloves

In addition, there is also a reflective logo on the outside of the Xiaomi aerogel gloves. Thus, it can reflect car lights when walking at night, making it safer. The index finger is designed with a touch screen module. The touch screen module makes it easier to operate the smartphone with gloves.

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