Xiaomi Youpin Crowdfunded Visual Ear Picking Stick

Usually, it is a “blind operation” to dig out the ears, cautiously, frantically testing the edges of the cochlea. Today, Xiaomi Youpin has launched a visual Bebird Note3 ear picks with 10 million high-precision endoscopes. It can check the condition of the ear canal in real time through the smartphone app. It also refuses to pick it out blindly. The crowdfunding price is only 199 yuan ($31), and the future retail price is 399 yuan ($61). It is directly 50% off, and it is very cost-effective.

The endoscope has a 75° field of view, a 12-30mm lens depth of field, and a 14mm lens focal length. With a 6-axis gyroscope, the image does not shake. So you can see the high-definition picture in the ear. It is also equipped with a high-end customized chip. The image transmission rate is up to 30fps, the operating frequency is 2.40GHz, and the low latency is optimized by 50%. This product innovatively adopts the dual-purpose design of picking and tweezers. It provides two tools, visual ear picking spoon and visual ear picking tweezers. There are also two corresponding ear picking modes in the app.

visual ear picking stick

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The visual ear tweezers have an opening and closing angle of 10.2 degrees, an opening and closing force of 150 grams, and an accuracy of 0.05 mm. It can also tweez away foreign objects in the ear without touching the young ear wall. There are three types of ear picks. They are classic elastic ear picks, which do not damage the ears. Pick special ear picks, which can go deep into the inner ear to clean earwax and dig out hidden corners. It supported curved neck ring ear picks, with higher curvature, professional ear removal. In addition, the Bebird Note3 ear picks are available in two colors: Star Blue and Haoyue White.

visual ear picking stick

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