MIJIA Braun Electric Shaver Launched For 199 Yuan ($29)

Xiaomi has today launched the MIJIA Braun Electric Shaver under crowdfunding. The product carries a price tag of 199 yuan ($29), while the retail price is 249 yuan ($36). The crowdfunding project will commence at 10 am on September 30 while the product will start shipping from October 14.

MIJIA Braun Electric Shaver

There are currently 6 razors on sale in Xiaomi Mall, with prices ranging from 399 yuan to 79 yuan.


The core parameters of the shaver are not clear. But from the design point of view, this shaver adopts a reciprocating design. And the whole body is washable.

The MIJIA Braun Electric Shaver comes with Xiaomi’s philosophy of offering a modern look and useful features. The shaver is designed with a small body and is quite portable when going out. It uses a German bionic knife net with a design inspired by dragonfly wings, known as German Seiko.

In terms of power, the motor rotates at 7200 per minute. It comes with independent floating double cutter heads that adapt to facial contours.

In terms of battery life, the device can last up to 40 minutes of use which is equivalent to about 21 days of battery life if it is used 3 minutes each day. It also comes with Quick charge support. The latter can deliver a full charge in 1 hour. However, with a charge of 5 minutes, you can power it to last a single shaving session.

Moreover, the razor is waterproof so it can support dry and wet shaving. Also, cleaning will not be a problematic task.

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