This Year Xiaomi Will Launch Gaming E-Sports Monitor On Double11

Xiaomi Display is expected to launch a new 24.5-inch flat gaming e-sports monitor on Double11 this year. The monitor is expected to use AUO’s 24.5-inch gaming screen. The retail price should be set at 999 yuan ($147.60). It is worth mentioning that the panel used in the gaming e-sports monitor may be AUO’s 240Hz TN screen, or AUO’s new 360Hz IPS new gaming screen.

Xiaomi has launched four display products, and Redmi has launched one. The 34-inch Mi Curved Display is currently priced at 2199 yuan ($324.85). And the 23.8-inch Mi Display is currently priced at 679 yuan ($100.30). The Mi Display 27-inch 165Hz version is currently priced at 2199 yuan ($324.85). The Mi Display 1A 23.8-inch costs 699 yuan ($103.25), and the Redmi Display 1A 23.8-inch is currently priced at 599 yuan ($88.50).

Gaming E-Sports Monitor

ASUS showcased an ASUS ROG Swift 360 monitor at CES 2020. It is known as the world’s first G-SYNC monitor with a refresh rate of up to 360Hz, supporting 24.5 inches of 1080P resolution. According to users, the panel supplier is AUO as well.

Gaming E-Sports Monitor

In addition, Dell’s Alienware has also launched a similar Alienware AW2521H monitor. It has a 24.5-inch IPS panel that supports a 360Hz refresh rate. Recently, MSI launched the Oculux NXG253R monitor with 24.5 inches, 1080P resolution, 360Hz refresh rate, and supports NVIDIA G-SYNC technology.

Gaming E-Sports Monitor

Based on the above display positioning, if Xiaomi uses AUO’s latest 360Hz refresh rate IPS panel to manufacture the gaming e-sports monitor, the price may be difficult to set at 999 yuan ($147.60).

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