Xiaomi Car Recorder 2 2K Version Released at 399 Yuan ($56)

Today, the Xiaomi Car Recorder 2 2K version was officially released. It costs 399 yuan ($56).

Xiaomi Car Recorder 2 2K version

The car recorder has fully upgraded the picture quality, and can record ultra-high-definition video up to 1600p, clearly showing the details of the Car record screen.

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The camera uses the OV OS05A10 back-illuminated image sensor. The latter comes with an F/1.8 large aperture. The amount of light entering is more sufficient, and it can achieve the quality imaging effect in low-light environments. At the same time, it has a 140° super wide-angle lens, which can cover three lanes and reduce blind spots.

Xiaomi Car Recorder 2 2K version

At the same time, the lens is composed of high lens pieces. They effectively improve the sharpness of the picture and correct distortion. The lens can be rotated and adjusted, and the lens angle can be adjusted freely according to the installation angle.

The back is equipped with a 3.0-inch IPS screen that directly displays real-time images. The Xiaomi Car Recorder 2 2K version supports smart voice control.

Xiaomi Car Recorder 2 2K version

In order to better cope with the changes in light intensity at night driving, it uses a 3D noise reduction and WDR wide dynamic technology, and multi-frame contrast imaging to calculate the best display effect.

The Xiaomi Car Recorder 2 2K version also supports more efficient H.265 encoding and takes up less storage space at the same resolution.

Xiaomi Car Recorder 2 2K version

Accessing the Mijia app, you can connect to the car recorder to view the shooting screen, playback and image download history in real time.

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