“Uber Works” service will be expanded to help drivers find jobs

"Uber Works"

It is reported that Uber has announced to expand its “Uber Works” service. Uber has been testing the service in Chicago for more than a year. The purpose of this service is to match workers with businesses. This kind of workers need temporary staff to fill vacancies. It is also reported that after Chicago, Miami will become the second city to launch “Uber Works” service. Next year, Uber also plans to launch the service in more cities.

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“Uber Works” CEO Andrey Liscovich said the plan is aimed primarily at employees of traditional human resources agencies. However, Uber plans to take the lead in recruiting workers from its large driver fleet in the coming months.This will allow anyone in the city to sign up for a range of jobs. That jobs won’t require a car and driver’s license. This will potentially release a larger labor market. “For us, if we want to invest in something, it’s about the same size as carpooling, or even more than that.” Liskovic said.

"Uber Works"

“Uber Works” service’s aim

Uber’s another CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has been struggling to define “what exactly is Uber”.He also wanted to explain why investors should endure losses for at least two years. His aim was to justify investing in self-driving cars, bicycles, electric scooters, flying cars, takeaways, and grocery. So, he compared Uber with Amazon. As we all know, Amazon started by selling books, but now sells almost everything.

Liskevich said that they will reuse the technology and personnel. In this way, Uber will be able to earn more revenue. So, it will ultimately realize profits. This move also supports Uber’s previous statement that it is a technology platform. It is not just a simple  ride-hailing company.

Kosrossassi’s bet (Uber Works) is at a critical moment for Uber’s business. London regulators said last month that they would revoke Uber’s operating license. This is done for security reasons. This month, Uber released a security report. That details more than 3,000 allegations of sexual assault filed with the company last year. It also raises further concerns about the dangers of the platform.

For Khosrowshahi, Uber Works is an opportunity for Uber to show that it is a responsible company. Investment research firm Davidson’s analyst Tom White said that temporary employees are a natural extension of Uber’s technology. However, Uber must prove that doing so is profitable. It should also prove that they does not endanger workers or customers.

Finally, according to previous reports, Uber will launch “Uber Works” in cooperation with personnel agencies. They will be responsible for employment screening, verification, wages and taxes. According to the screenshots of the Uber Works app, job seekers can easily see the schedule, working hours, salary and also skill requirements of a potential job. Moreover, they can even be aware of the dress code.

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