Huawei To Launch Pro Version Of Sound Speaker Series

According to a Weibo blogger, Huawei may launch the Pro version of the Sound speaker series.

At the end of last year, Huawei officially released its first flagship smart speaker, Sound X. The price of that speaker is 1999 yuan ($299). This year, on October 22, Huawei and Deware launched a new product—Huawei Sound. The price of this kind of speaker is 999 yuan ($149).

Huawei Smart Speaker Pro

The Huawei Sound X smart speaker was jointly built by Huawei and Deware. It adopts a cylindrical shape and its design concept comes from the dome of the Vienna Concert Hall. The dual woofer of Huawei Sound X is made of high-magnetic neodymium iron boron rare earth material. Moreover, it features Deware’s patented Push-Push symmetrical acoustic design and SAM bass enhancement technology. To clarify, it can realize the bursting bass effect on 2 double woofers. The Huawei Sound X is also the first smart speaker to pass the Hi-Res certification, supporting 360-degree surround sound and smart spatial perception.

Four-speaker acoustic structure design

The HUAWEI Sound speaker Pro adopts Deware’s four-speaker acoustic structure design. It includes a 4-inch woofer and also 3 full-range speaker units, and is paired with 2 Push-Push symmetric passive units to create a 360-degree surround sound effect. In terms of appearance design, Huawei Sound Pro has almost the same appearance as Huawei Sound X. The main difference is that this version is more compact and exquisite. The design of these speakers is also similar to Apple Homepod and the only difference between the two models is their size. In addition, there is 512MB RAM, and 8GB ROM onboard.

Currently, there is no parameter information for the Pro version of Huawei’s Sound series. In view of the high accuracy of the Weibo blogger, Huawei may launch this product at the end of the year or early next year.

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