Black Shark Bluetooth Gaming Headset 2 Solves Latency Issues: Stronger Than AirPods Pro

We know the Tencent Black Shark 3 will be released online on March 3. At the launch event, there will be a few other products as well. Among them, we can mention the Black Shark Bluetooth Gaming Headset 2, which is officially called the Bluetooth headset with the lowest latency.

Today, the director of the Black Shark Technology Product Center said those who have used Bluetooth headsets must know that the delay problem is the pain point of various Bluetooth headsets. It has led to a very bad gaming experience for Bluetooth headsets. Even Apple’s AirPods Pro is no exception. We can say that there is currently no good low-latency Bluetooth headset on the market.

The Black Shark Acoustics Team has brought a brand new Bluetooth headset-Black Shark Bluetooth Gaming Headset 2. It uses Lou’s moving iron + 10mm moving coil acoustic unit, LHDC ultra-high-definition encoding, combined with the exclusive Black Shark tuning. The company said that it can give everyone an unprecedented audio experience.

The Black Shark executive emphasized that the acoustic team lasted two years. Developed a set of low-latency solutions in conjunction with the chip end to create a Bluetooth headset that can really play games for everyone.

It is worth noting that one of the bloggers used a latency test APK to test the latency of the Black Shark headset 2 and compared it with the Bluetooth headset on the market.

The data shows that the Black Shark Bluetooth gaming headset 2 has a delay of only 58ms, which has a clear advantage over the 187ms delay of the AirPods Pro.


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