Apple’s Folding Device Patent To Avoid Screen Creases

Since the birth of the folding device, in addition to the practicality of the folding screen, it has a more contradictory place. The screen of the machine is made from a flexible material. So, the greater the folding angle is during the repeated folding process, the more obvious the crease will be.

Previously, the Moto Razr 2019 used a special method to reduce the obvious degree of creases and to make the screen better.

Folding Device

Recently, according to media reports, a patent for Apple’s folding device has been exposed. It is said that it can use a unique hinge mechanism to help prevent creases or damage when the screen is folded. The specific effect can refer to the following animation:

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The patent was issued today by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. According to patent documents, the Apple-designed hinge mechanism will ensure that there is a sufficient gap between two movable flaps below the screen. When the device is folded up, the middle part of the screen can extend to that small space. At the same time, when the device is unfolded, the movable folding plate below the screen will also be extended to close the small space again to avoid the screen from being concave.

Folding Device

All in all, the folding screen device is still in its infancy. Implying that, Apple’s multiple patents show that Apple has a strong interest in this area. But when will consumers be able to experience Apple’s folding screen device?


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