Xiaomi Tests New Privacy Protection For MIUI 12

Recently, Xiaomi Community launched a new privacy protection feature. It features “Photo Album and Social Application Information Protection” closed beta. We already know that the new features include support for setting whether each application is allowed to access the file content in the smartphone album storage and social application information storage directory. The “read and write mobile storage” permission increases the access to the content management. It can also be accessed in the “Read and write phone storage” authorization pop-up window and permit management page to set whether the application can access “phone album” and “social application information”. Currently, the social applications covered by “Access Social Application Information” are WeChat, QQ, etc.

The new features of Xiaomi privacy protection are as follows:
  1. Support setting whether each application is allowed to access the file content in the smartphone album storage directory and social application information storage directory
  2. “Read and write phone storage” permission increases access content management, you can set whether the application can “access phone album” and “access social application information” in the authorization pop-up window and permission management page of “read and write phone storage” “
  3. The app can only set the “Access Mobile Photo Album” and “Access Social Application Information” when the authorization status of “Read and Write Smartphone Storage” is Allowed in Use or Always Allowed
  4. The current social applications covered by “Access to Social Application Information” are WeChat and QQ
  5. The current directory coverage of “Access Mobile Photo Album” is DCIM/Camera and DCIM/Screenshot
  6. When the “read and write phone storage” permission status of an application is only allowed in use or always allowed, by default the application is allowed to “access phone album” and “access application social information” at the same time. If there is a need to close it, you can go to the authority management page to set it
  7. If “Access Mobile Album” is off, the “Access Mobile Album” permission window will pop up when the application requests access to the storage directory of the mobile album. When you request again, the notification “App has been prohibited from accessing phone albums” will pop up. The notification will no longer pop up after it pops up twice a day

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Use Xiaomi/Redmi phones to meet the following requirements
  1. The mobile version is the development version after MIUI 12 20.11.5. Please do not install if you don’t meet the version requirements!
  2. MIUI deep user
  3. Some understanding of authority management
  4. Have opinions on privacy protection and value privacy protection
  5. Ability to have ample time to actively respond to problems

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