Redmi Note 7 Flashed Into Ubuntu Touch

There has been a ‘God Machine’ HTC HD2, called the ‘flashing little prince’. This phone is pre-installed with the Android system but has been flashed into many systems by various users, including Windows Phone 7, Windows RT, Ubuntu Touch, Linux, Firefox, MeeGo, Sailfish and other operating systems. After many years, although the trend of hacking machines has passed, there are still many users trying various operating systems for current models. Today, XDA reported, a developer @RealDanct12 successfully flashed Ubuntu Touch into the Redmi Note 7 phone.

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According to the information posted by @RealDanct12 on Twitter, after the Redmi Note 7 is swiped into Ubuntu, the touch screen can work normally and it can connect to the Wi-Fi. But there are still bugs. And this is just for early adopters.

Redmi Note 7

If you don’t know much, Ubuntu Touch is a mobile operating system created by Canonical. The word Ubuntu comes from the Zulu language of southern Africa, which means ‘fraternity’ or ‘world sharing’.

Redmi Note 7

From birth to the end, Ubuntu Touch has only experienced a life course of four years and three months. On April 5, 2017, Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth announced that Canonical will stop investing in the smartphone business. This meant that Ubuntu Touch is coming to an end.

Redmi Note 7

With the development of smartphones to this day, Android and iOS have become complete masters. The fall of Ubuntu Touch in a sense also indicates that the software and hardware form of the entire mobile Internet has matured. And the overall structure has almost no variables, which is a lot less interesting.

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