5G Version Of The New iPad Pro Will Be Released With The iPhone 12

According to the latest media reports, Apple will launch an iPad that supports 5G. The iPad Pro will be launched with the 5G iPhone in the second half of this year (September).

A report by a well-known analyst Guo Minghao pointed out that Apple will update the Apple iPad Pro in the first half of 2020. 5G models may debut later this year. So the iPad updated in the first half of this year will be the iPad Pro series. 

Apple is developing an iPad Pro that supports 5G networks, and will support millimeter waves. ASE Semiconductor will provide antenna packaging technology for 5G iPad.

The report mentioned that the new iPad will have a dual-lens camera and a “3D system”. It should mean that it will be equipped with a ToF 3D sensor. From the previously exposed model of the new iPad Pro, this product should have been finalized in design. Except for the three-lens camera, the rest are basically the same as the current iPad Pro.

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There are few usage patterns that will benefit from it to any notable degree. What might be more appealing is if Apple finally bumps up the storage options. Currently, the base model is 64 GB, a pretty embarrassing starting point for a pro model in 2020. So we could see that boosted to 128 GB.

According to the previous renderings of the new iPad, the new iPad Pro is similar to the 2018 iPad. So The rear camera will be the same three-shot as the iPhone 11 Pro. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro will use a glass back, the same as the iPhone. The 11-inch iPad Pro continues to use an aluminum alloy rear case.


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