XL81-5001 Pet Collar Anti Lost Device Offered At $9.99 [Coupon]

Great news for all Xiaomi fans. You can get the XL81-5001 Pet Collar Waterproof USB Charging Lighting Anti Lost Device for $9.99 with coupon (code: BGFFDJP). Without this coupon, the price would be $13.11. This device will ensure the safety of your pet at nighttime. Through its light effects, you can easily find your pet. 

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This XL81-5001 Pet Collar has a 50 x 0.9 x 0.9 cm dimensions, and it weighs 30g. It is made of friendly soft silicone material. Hence it will neither endanger your pet nor make its movement difficult. Besides you can easily change the size of the collar according to the pet’s neck circumference. This anti-lost device is for being sure that your pet will be safe at night. 

XL81 - 5001 USB зарядка водонепроницаемый освещения Pet Воротник от Xiaomi youpin- Синий

How does it work? It is simpler than you can expect. The device has 4 regimes: one-press for flash mode, two presses for slow flash mode, three presses for constant light conditions, and four press for turning off the LED light. Thus the XL81-5001 Pet Collar usage depends on your preferences. 

We ensure the continuous operation and energy-saving lighting technology of your XL81-5001 Pet Collar. The battery capacity of the device is 70mA which allows you to use it for 3 hours. The USB cable does not directly charge, so there is no need to replace the battery. We also guarantee high performance and low power consumption of this device. But you have a little time to obtain this collar for such price. There are only 100 collars via these coupons. 

XL81 - 5001 USB зарядка водонепроницаемый освещения Pet Воротник от Xiaomi youpin- Синий

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