Xiaomi Himo C20 Electric Bicycle Sold Only For $799.99 [Coupon]

Himo is one of Xiaomi’s crowdfunding brands, specializing in electric mobility. The new Himo C20 Electric Bicycle is part of a new electric bicycle series, which includes the newly released T1 and compact V1 Plus electric bicycles. Although not a fully foldable electric bicycle, the pedals and handlebars are folded to make transportation of the bicycle easier. If you need to completely folding electric bike, then the new Himo Z20 are actually the same, but can be completely folded. This electric bike is sold only for $799.99 after using our coupon.

Coupon code: BGHMC20DE
Price without coupon: $979.99
Coupon price: $799.99

Xiaomi Himo C20 36V 10Ah 250W 20 Inch Foldable Electric Bicycle

Himo C20 Electric Bicycle Pedal Assist

There are 20 levels of electric power assist on the Himo C20. “0” means no power assist, so the bicycle relies purely on your own pedal input. The “1” level will provide the rider with up to 70% of the available power through the cadence sensor (measured pedal rotation (RPM)), while the “3” level is 100% of the available power used through throttle control. Please note that you cannot start the accelerator from a standstill, you need to press the pedal to use this function. The most effective way to use assist is to use a combination of zero assist and level 1. You can also use level 3 and only use the throttle control as a booster to make you climb up steep hills.

Xiaomi Himo C20 36V 10Ah 250W 20 Inch Foldable Electric Bicycle

Himo C20 Electric Bicycle Comfort And Equipment

The overall feel of the bicycle is a solid one. The fat tires and gel saddle make the ride very comfortable. The Himo C20 is particularly suitable for urban cycling. Obviously, this is what the designer considered. The integrated tire pump hidden inside the seatpost is a good idea. The front and rear LED lights are sufficient to meet the needs of urban cycling. The LED display is clear and usable, and displays information such as speed, battery life, and assist level.

Xiaomi Himo C20 36V 10Ah 250W 20 Inch Foldable Electric Bicycle

Himo C20 Electric Bicycle Battery Range

The battery power is provided by a 36v 10ah (360Wh) lithium battery pack. It is neatly hidden in the frame. The claimed 80km range is somewhat optimistic. If you stand on the bigger side you will find a more realistic range around 50km.

Xiaomi Himo C20 36V 10Ah 250W 20 Inch Foldable Electric Bicycle

The dual mechanical disc brakes did a good job of stopping the Himo C20, and the wider tires inspire confidence when cornering.

Himo C20 Electric Bicycle Performance

In terms of power, the Xiaomi Himo C20 has enough commuter electric bikes. The 250w electric motor provides almost seamless pedal assist and can provide three different power levels. If you are cycling on flat or undulating terrain, you can choose level 0 or 1, but to negotiate through steep hills, you need level 2.

On steep slopes up to 10% or so, the C20 will make you feel like riding on a gentle slope. It will undoubtedly help bring the sting out of the hill.

The transmission is provided by Himo rear derailleur and 13-28 6-speed rear flywheel with 46t sprocket on the front wheel. This transmission is suitable for urban cycling and people with moderate slopes.

Himo C20 Electric Bicycle Weight And Portability

The weight is about 21kg. In the sense of a conventional folding electric bicycle, it is not really transportable. But if you want to use it in the park and ride in your daily commute, the folding of the pedals and handlebars will make it easier to enter the rear.

The overall surface finish and build quality look very good. The bike is available in white or gray colors. The Himo C20 has a very firm feel. The fork has no suspension, but this is made up for with larger tires. This electric bicycle should be able to cope with most city streets and can even be ridden on canal trails and gravel.

Himo C20 Electric Bicycle Key Features

  • Motor provides the max 25km/h speed and max 25-degree gradient.
  • 10Ah Li-ion battery for max 80km mileage with pure electric mode.
  • Moped mode(it all depends on the body weight).
  • 20 inch inflatable rubber tire for different grounds.
  • Folding design for convenient carrying.

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Where To Buy

We find the offer compilation about this product on Gizcoupon, the best price is $799.99. [Coupon Code: BGHMC20DE] If the deal has expired, please go to Gizcoupon to view the latest offer for this product.

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