Xiaomi Freetie Light Sneakers Available For $25.99

As many of you know, Xiaomi has multiple directions of production. The Xiaomi Freetie Light Sneakers are the best proofs. They are currently available for $25.99 which is cheaper than the price of its main opponents.

Xiaomi FREETIE Sneakers Black ($23.99) Coupon Price

The Xiaomi Freetie Light Sneakers adhere to Xiaomi’s usual simple model, using a regular beige label, and a vent. The label has the logo word “FREETIE”. It looks like a boost, but it is different from a boost. The heel has Eva lightweight insoles, and it feels soft when pressed, without the hard feeling of basketball shoes. It comes with two colors: grey and black and has fabric + synthetic leather material. Hence, feel free to wash them by machine.

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The shoelaces of the sneakers are thicker, and the spots on the carry have standard reflective material, which is safer for users who often travel at night. At the same time, it is equipped with a suede leather shoelace tightening buckle, which is convenient for users of different sizes to adjust themselves.

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Ordering clothes online has one common difficulty: size. We strongly advise you not to select your usual size but to follow the length measurement.

Xiaomi Freetie Sneakers Features

  • Wear-resistant, anti-slip, lightweight, shock absorber, balance, air permeability.
  • The vamp is made by the seamless knitting technology of stereoscopic molding.
    The entire vamp has only one seam, which reduces the surface of the shoe to the greatest extent.
  • Thickened sponge breathable insoleSoft bullet light, sweat and breathable.
  • Can be directly machine washed, more convenient.

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Where To Buy Xiaomi Freetie Sneakers

We find the offer compilation about Xiaomi Freetie Light Sneakers on Gizcoupon, the best price is $25.99. If the deal has expired, please go to Gizcoupon to view the latest offer for this product.

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