Mijia Handheld Ironing Machine Sold Only For $33.99 [Coupon]

The Mijia Handheld Ironing Machine can be used as a handicraft at home. The warm-up is fast and the ironing effect is good. After ironing, there is no water stains and can be worn immediately. It basically meets today’s fast-paced life, and it is still very good for home use. At the moment, this ironing machine is sold only for $33.99 after using our coupon.

Coupon code: BGMJGTCZ
Price without coupon: $40.99
Coupon price: $33.99

Mijia handheld ironing machine

Mijia Handheld Ironing Machine Design

The main body of the garment ironing machine is white, with an L-shape, and the middle part is slightly inclined. It helps to make it more convenient to hold when ironing clothes. The base is a large oval disk with the palm of the hand. The Mijia logo is printed on it. The front of the garment steamer is an aluminum cast plate with several steam outlets.

In addition, there is an indicator light on the top of the main unit, and the back has the location of a water tank. The water tank of Mijia Handheld Garment Steamer is detachable. It can be removed counterclockwise. The water tank has a capacity of 160ml, and the company claims that it can iron up to 6 shirts at a time. It can be installed by turning a knob by half a turn and a buckle. The water inlet of the water tank is sealed by a leather plug.

Mijia handheld ironing machine

After filling the water, fasten the leather stopper to prevent leakage. If you look carefully, you can see that there is a plastic straw in the water tank. Whether it is hanging ironing or flat ironing, the straw is almost at the lowest position, which can effectively use the water in the water tank.

Mijia Handheld Ironing Machine Usage

The garment steamer does not have a power button. Plug in the power to start the preheating. During the preheating process, be careful not to touch the aluminum plate with your hands to avoid burns. The white light flashes during preheating, and the white light is always on after preheating. The official promotion is 30s. However, the time of twenty or thirty seconds is already very fast, the clothes are laid out. So they are just preheated and ironed, without delay.

Mijia handheld ironing machine

Press and hold the steam button at this time. After two or three seconds, you can see the steam spraying out evenly from the holes. Moreover, Mijia hand-held garment ironing machine can satisfy whether it is garment ironing or flat ironing. But if you choose to hang irons, it is too troublesome to buy a stand alone or to make a special hanging place. In addition, one thing to remind here is that after use, the front aluminum cast plate will take a long time to cool down. In this process, try to avoid putting it where pets or children can touch it, otherwise it will be easy to burn.

Mijia Handheld Ironing Machine Key Features

  • 130℃ aluminum die-casting panel to smooth the wrinkles of clothing in all seasons
  • Flat hanging dual-use, flexible use
  • 160ml large capacity removable water tank
  • Desktop Vertical Design
  • Heating in 30 Seconds, Fast Ironing

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Where To Buy

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