Mijia Electric Scooter 1S Available At $479.99 [Coupon]

A few years ago, Xiaomi launched the Mi Electric Scooter M365. That was one of the most popular electric scooters on the market. After launching a similar scooter with the name Pro, the Chinese firm returns to the fray with the Mijia Electric Scooter 1S. Generally speaking, the Mijia Electric Scooter 1S is very similar to the M365. The main difference is in the dashboard. As Xiaomi scooter users will know, now there is a button and four lights that allow us to know the battery level and the performance mode that is active. In this model, that basic control panel is a screen now that will not only show the battery level, but the performance mode and the speed at which we move. Now you can buy this product for $479.99 after applying our coupon.

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Coupon price: $479.99


Speaking of speed, the scooter maintains 25 kilometers per hour of maximum speed . Although its engine is more powerful than that of the conventional model. On this occasion, we have an electric motor with a power of 250W and a maximum power of 500W . According to Xiaomi, that’s enough to climb slopes of up to 14% incline.

Mijia Electric Scooter 1S

Regarding autonomy, the device remains at the theoretical maximum 30 kilometers on a single charge. With the Eco mode the speed is reduces and the maximum distance should be increased. In the same way, you can activate a maximum performance mode that not only reduces the range, but increases the speed up to 25 km / h. When the battery runs out, it will take five hours for it to fully charge.


The Mijia Electric Scooter 1S is made of an aluminum alloy that, according to Xiaomi, is 1.3 times lighter than steel. It weighs 12.5 kilos. On the other hand, it supports up to 100 kilos of load , something that 8.5-inch tires help. And now that we mention the tires, we should say that the brakes have a regenerative braking system , so the battery will recharge slightly with braking. The brake consists of a 120mm disc and E-ABS.

In short, the new Xiaomi scooter is very similar to the original model , to the point that the only differences are the presence of the screen and a shorter charging time (five hours compared to five and a half hours for the M365). The Pro model, meanwhile, offers more autonomy and more power.

Mijia Electric Scooter 1S

It has an LG battery that allows the  journey of 30 kilometers  autonomously and before having to recharge it. The battery  charges in 5 hours . On the front we find this time a screen like that of its Pro version that indicates the battery level of the scooter so that you are always informed of the state of your vehicle.

It has an LED light  on the front and a position light on the back . It is for moving around at night. The scooter also has a horn that allows alerting other pedestrians. This horn constitutes the element equivalent to a horn of a car or motorcycle.

Mijia Electric Scooter 1S is certified with an IP54 degree. It means that you can use it in an approved manner on all types of surfaces in all types of conditions  (wet surfaces, for example). Acceleration is relatively progressive and smooth and therefore prevents sudden movements.

Mijia Electric Scooter 1S Key Features

  • This electric scooter runs 30 km in full charge. The scooter has a DC motor, the company claims that it can be used for up to 3000 hours.
  • It is 25 km able to run at a per hour speed. It has disc brakes, which is equipped with anti-braking system i.e. ABS feature.
  • The scooter weighs just 12.5 kg. Its body is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, whose strength can be gauged from the fact that it is capable of carrying a load of up to 100 kg.

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