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iPhone SE 2 Annual Sales Predicted to Be 30 Million

There have been news that Apple will release the new iPhone SE 2 smartphone in the first quarter of 2020. The sources in the supply chain said that Apple internally predicts that it will sell 30 million units at the end of 2020.

Previously, the same source spread the news that the new iPhone SE 2 will come with the A13 processor. Apple has issued a notice to the supply chain that it will start stocking the new machine in December. At the same time, the iPhone SE 2’s design and most of the hardware specifications are very similar to the iPhone 8. The main specifications are A13 chip that is coupled with a 3GB LPDDR4X and NAND Flash that adopts 64GB or 128GB memory.

The design of iPhone SE 2

In terms of how the new iPhone is going to look, well – we’ve got three theories rolling around, and they all are possible. The latest point is probably the most likely option. According to that, the phone will look a lot like the iPhone 8. It means that it will have a 4.7-inch screen. However, there aren’t any images of this design yet.

Another theory is that the new smaller iPhone will have an iPhone X-like screen, with a notch at the top. It can be easily understood that in this version the pressure sensing module (3D touch)  doesn’t exist. The options of case color are deep gray, white and red.  

There’s something strange here, though. In this form, the iPhone SE 2 looks like an ‘iPhone X Mini’ version. Dual cameras and the new screen would mean it would cost a lot more. That is against the point of the iPhone SE range. Initially, Apple created this range for people that want a smaller, cheaper iPhone.

Anyways, it’s been suggested more than once that this new iPhone SE 2 will cost approximately $399.

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