Xiaomi Launches Reepro IPL Pulse Light Hair Removal Instrument

Reepro IPL Pulse Light Hair Removal Instrument

Summer is coming soon. So we guess the streets will be full of long women legs. It is very important that Xiaomi Crowdfunding will launch a hair removal instrument tomorrow. At 10 am on April 2nd, Xiaomi Crowdfunding will launch a Reepro IPL Pulse Light Hair Removal Instrument. The company says it comes with Reepro’s latest black technology.

From the pre-heating poster, we can learn that the new hair removal device looks like a hair dryer. It comes with a flat head, an overall streamlined shape, ergonomic design, and a comfortable grip.

The Reepro IPL Pulse Light Hair Removal Instrument uses precise filtering technology to select specific IPL light that is only absorbed by melanin and penetrates the pores to be selectively absorbed by melanin, thereby accumulating energy to disintegrate melanin and inhibit hair growth.

Generally speaking, the hair starts to fall off naturally after 1-4 times. And the growth of new hair is delayed by 5-7 times. After 8 times, the complexion is obviously brightened.

It should be noted that in order to make IPL light energy only work on the hair follicle melanin, but not on the skin, it is necessary to identify the skin color before lighting. And only IPL can be used for light skin color.

With the launch of the Reepro’s IPL Pulse Light Hair Removal Instrument, Xiaomi clearly shows it’s not an ordinary smartphone maker. Well, it doesn’t have the same sources as Huawei and doesn’t find itself in 5G and similar fields. But it has taken another direction of making smart products for all spheres of life.


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