Mijia Smart Yuba Pro

Xiaomi Launches Mijia Smart Yuba Pro Through Crowdfunding

On September 14, Xiaomi released the Mijia Smart Yuba Pro. It will start crowdfunding on September 16, with a retail price of 699 yuan ($102) and a crowdfunding price of 649 yuan ($95).

It has a built-in 2800W PTC ceramic heating module, which can heat up 10℃ in 1 minute, and the warmth will come in an instant.

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Choose a temperature you like, Mijia Smart Yuba Pro will automatically heat to keep the bathroom constant temperature. It supports multiple modes such as heating, blowing, ventilation, demisting, and drying.

The Mijia Smart Yuba Pro does not require embedded wires in the wall. It has 10 buttons, a 3-inch LCD screen, features rich functions, providing a clear status at a glance, and comes with a long battery life of 2 years.

Our protagonist also sports a Japanese Nidec DC variable frequency motor, which has a step-less speed change, providing a natural soft wind experience. You can get a constant warm wind and ventilation at the same time. It works quietly and not only saves energy but also is durable.

There are 60-120° wide-angle swing leaves. So you can avoid the discomfort of direct blowing. It can be used in large-space bathrooms. The 360° surround air intake design drives the air flow in the bathroom in an all-round way. It is known as an air duct design comparable to air conditioning.

The Mijia Smart Yuba Pro uses intelligent constant temperature technology to prevent the water vapor in the bathroom from being liquefied when it is cold. The constant warm air and ventilation are turned on at the same time to avoid feeling stuffy.

It also supports intelligent drying mode, which can automatically adjust the drying intensity and duration. This will effectively dry clothes. So bid farewell to moisture and mold in rainy weather.

The color rendering index of the main lamp is as high as Ra90. It can restore the skin color and makeup up to 1300lm high brightness, and the brightness can be adjusted at will. It also supports ultra-low-brightness night light; linked to the human sensor, it turns on automatically at night.

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