Xiaomi 100W Car Charger Fast Charging Version Unboxing

A few days ago, at the headquarter of Xiaomi, the company spokesperson opened a speech on the 10th anniversary of Xiaomi’s ’Going Nowhere’ event. At the conference, Xiaomi not only released a variety of new ‘Super Big Cup’ products, but also brought a variety of accessories. Among them is a Xiaomi 100W car charger fast charging version. It supports USB-C 100W MAX fast charging, priced at 99 yuan ($14). It has gone on sale on August 16. So we have got a chance to showcase its appearance and talk about its key features.

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The Xiaomi 100W car charger fast charging version has the same shape as the traditional car charger and has a metal elastic contact design. This is suitable for most different cigarette lighter and power outlets in the car. The tail also supports a dazzling lighting effect display. So for different power states, it displays different colors.

With 1A1C dual ports, that is, one USB-A and one USB-C, it can charge two devices at the same time. Also, the dual-port simultaneous output can reach up to 68W.

With single-port output, the Xiaomi 100W car charger fast charging version has a charging power of up to 100W. In other words, it can fully charge the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra in 25 minutes only. In addition to smartphones and laptops, it can also charge electronic devices commonly used outdoors such as flashlights and power banks.

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