WOWSTICK SD Dual-Power Lithium Battery Screwdriver Launched By Xiaomi Youpin

On February 7th, Xiaomi Youpin announced the WOWSTICK SD dual-power lithium battery home screwdriver set. Probably it will debut on February 9 for 199 yuan ($28). The new product features an all-aluminum body, a 67mm long output shaft and a manual dual mode. Apart from the listed features, the set has 3 LED shadowless lights.

WOWSTICK SD dual power lithium battery home screwdriver adopts manual + electric dual mode. The maximum torque of electric mode is 0.9N · m, and the maximum torque of manual mode is 3N · m. With self-locking and speed protection functions, the device protects screws and motors from loss.


The aluminum alloy precision body is integrally formed without a screw on the surface. Thanks to it the machine is anodized to resist dirt and corrosion. With a diameter of 31mm and a length of 210mm, it is the size of a pen in the hand. This advantage makes the daily use more comfortable and labor-saving.

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The “clip-on” storage solution, can put 12 commonly used batch heads at a time. The 67mm ultra-long output shaft can penetrate into narrow and narrow spaces, such as the inside of the chassis. The S2 alloy steel is a high hardness tool steel with a bit hardness of 60hrc.

The WOWSTICK SD  screwdriver also has 3 LED surgical shadowless lights. Consequently, the work area is illuminated without dead ends. The lacquer became a silicone key, and a short velvet mat covers the handle part. Having a 1300mAh lithium battery, the speed can reach 230r / min. The rear of the fuselage is a mainstream Type-C data cable for 5V USB direct charge. The latter eliminates the trouble of plugging in and winding.


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