World Record Egg: Twitter Announces Hottest Topics of 2019

World Record Egg

According to the “Year on Twitter” report in 2019, hot topics worldwide this year include “World Record Egg”. In addition, there are also “Game of Thrones” and “terrifying baby birds”. Twitter announced the hottest Twitter news, TV shows, movies, artists, and athletes on the platform this year.

The most retweeted Twitter message in 2019 is “O jewa ke eng ?” which roughly translates to “What’s eating you?” Following that is a tweet from BTS and a video of people being chased by a baby bird. The reason behind the World Record Egg cracks has finally been revealed.  

 Egg’s video was uploaded on Monday 4 in February. The Instagram egg is shown cracking due to the “pressure of social media”. That reveals a message of those suffering from mental health problems.

The first image was originally posted on Friday 4 in January. Kylie Jenner previously held the record with an image of her then newborn daughter Stormi. The initial record-breaking post now has 52,297,258 likes at the time of writing. Kylie Jenner’s post currently has just over one-third of that total, with 18.7 million likes.   

The most talked-about TV shows worldwide are “Game of Thrones”, “Stranger Things”, and “The Simpsons”. Leading movies include “Avengers: The Ultimate Game”, “Toy Story 4” and “The Joker”.The world’s most-watched actors are Tom Holland, Chris Evans, and Zendaya. The most popular artists are BTS, Ariana Grande, and Drake. Popular teams are Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, and Manchester United. Twitter also announced the hottest emoji of the year, laughed and cry ranked first.

At the end of the year, other companies also released statistics for their respective platforms. Spotify announced the best list of 2019 last week, while YouTube released a 2019 review video.

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