Viomi Internet Large-screen Cross Four-door Refrigerator Released

Recently, the Viomi Internet large-screen cross four-door refrigerator was released with an original price of 4999 yuan ($731) and a pre-sale price of 3299 yuan ($483).

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This refrigerator adopts a cross four-door design. It has a large capacity of 451 liters as well as a large intelligent interactive screen. So it supports entertainment, shopping, and recipes checking, and can also control the whole house appliances.

Viomi Internet large-screen cross four-door refrigerator

The Viomi Internet large-screen cross four-door refrigerator is 836mm wide, 636mm deep, and 1830mm high, and the body is relatively slim.

The interior has a large capacity of 451L – 299L for refrigeration and 152L for freezing. It uses 15-layer fine partitions. And the ingredients are clearly arranged. So it can easily store the family’s ingredients for a week.

Through the app, the temperature of the refrigerator can be adjusted remotely. And the status of the ingredients can be grasped anytime and anywhere.

Viomi Internet large-screen cross four-door refrigerator

The Viomi interactive large-screen refrigerator uses a large touch-sensitive interactive large screen. So you can watch videos, listen to songs or read recipes. Its AI voice interaction system allows you to link other smart home appliances without hands, making the kitchen no longer monotonous.

The Viaomi Interactive large-screen refrigerator has a sterilization rate of up to 99.9%, which can inhibit a variety of bacteria and prolong freshness. It also comes with inverter compressors and inverter fans. The noise is only 38dB (A), and the 24-hour comprehensive power consumption is 1.04 degrees, which is quiet and energy-saving.


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