Xiaomi Xiaomo Smart Rowing Machine Pro Review

If you are young, sitting in front of a computer for hours is no problem. But when you get older, you will find that sitting for a while would get back pain. Going to gym somehow solves this problem. But agree that it’s almost impossible to regularly do sports if you are overloaded with work. Today, we are going to review a Xiaomi-related product that should be quite useful – Xiaomo Smart Rowing Machine Pro.

Xiaomo Smart Rowing Machine Pro

Xiaomo Smart Rowing Machine Pro Appearance

Each component of Xiaomo Smart Rowing Machine Pro is packaged in two cartons, and you need to assemble it by yourself before use. There are detailed installation instructions in the instruction manual. Xiaomo also provides installation tools and various fastening parts. They are also classified according to the order of installation. So there is basically no difficulty in installation.

The overall size of the rowing machine is 1950*480*480mm and the weight is 25 kg.

In terms of materials, the Xiaomo Smart Rowing Machine Pro is made of pine wood imported from Chile. When you get close to the rowing machine, you can smell a light wood fragrance. With the use of water purification tablets (6 pieces are included, enough for two years of use), the water quality can be reduced to 4.

Xiaomo Smart Rowing Machine Pro

The position marked with the Xiaomo smart rowing machine logo is the transmission part. Rowing machines basically use this relatively wide fiber belt for transmission. So it can remain silent even when working out hard.

Xiaomo Smart Rowing Machine Pro

The pedal part is made of plastic material, which needs to be fixed with a strap when in use. At the same time, you can also adjust the length of the extension according to the length of your feet.

The handle of the rowing machine is longer, and it is also wrapped in thick foam. It has a soft grip and can effectively prevent slippage.

A total of four rubber foot pads are designed on the bottom of the rowing machine. The foot pads are very thick. So you don’t have to worry about damaging the floor even if you use it on a wooden floor.

If you want to move or store the rowing machine, you can use the rollers on the side to slide it.

The black seat cushion is made of soft material and uses a 3D ergonomic design. It fits snugly when sitting. At the same time, the track is still designed with a dual-track and eight-axis precision track, which is very stable when running. Smooth and silent.

A phone and tablet holder can be installed on the top of the rowing machine, or it can be installed at the front or rear, left or right position.

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