Sony PS5 Finished Product Design And Boot Animation

If all goes well, Sony will officially launch the PS5 as soon as next month. Of course, its launch may wait until the third quarter of this year. Now, some active users uploaded a boot video of Sony PS5. There you can see that the desktop has two monitors. A DualShock gamepad is placed on the table, and a game console has not been seen in the lower right corner.

Sony PS5

Although we can’t confirm that this is the final version of PS5, this still shows that the console boots to the PS5 logo. It is more interesting than before, some people from game developers posted several new PS5 development machine photos on forums. At the same time, there were pictures of suspected PS5 controllers. From the photos, the real machine is basically the same as the spy photos previously exposed. Similarly, the deep V shape is very conspicuous.

In addition, from the photos, we can clearly see the Blu-ray drive hatch and the front USB Type-C interface. The information screen for debugging and the button layout is the same as the previous Dual Shock 5 controller.

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According to the leaked configuration, the Oberon chip used by the PS5 will provide 36 sets of AMD Navi architecture. The chip has computing units with a frequency of 2000MHz, resulting in a GPU computing power of 9.2TF. There are also reports that PS5 GPUs can switch in 3 modes for backward compatibility with PS4 and PS4 Pro games. Normal mode is “gen 2” and runs next-generation games.


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