OPPO Reno 3 series may re-energize video, 5G promotes video development

Qualcomm has officially released a new generation of 5G chips. Most smartphone manufacturers in the world, including OPPO, announced that they will soon release new 5G smartphones. After which a new round of 5G competition is about to begin. OPPO was pointing to the OPPO Reno 3.

At present, many consumers have no concept of the advantages of 5G networks․ They only stay at the level of faster download speed and higher numbers when measuring network speed. However, the benefits brought by 5G networks are much more than the SA of the network. In the future, 5G networks will not only have high network speed but the low latency is also a highlight that must not be ignored.

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So, what changes will 5G bring to our lives? OPPO Vice President Shen Yiren gave us a clear direction in the 5G era. In his opinion that the future of 5G has a very large imagination․ However, the short term will be first to benefit in the video industry. Strong internet speed and low latency can make video quality higher. Thus, it will be more convenient and simple to share videos. Also, video games will become more and more diverse.

OPPO Reno 3

Therefore, in the 5G era not only high demands will be involved in the networking of smartphones, but also in video performance.

The OPPO Reno series has attracted the attention of consumers through powerful cameras. The Reno 2 has determined the direction of video development through the anti-shake system and editing function. It is foreseeable that the upcoming OPPO Reno 3 series will continue to plow the video field and bring more surprises to consumers. It is worth noting that among the two Qualcomm 5G chips of Snapdragon 765 and 765G, the OPPO Reno 3 Pro smartphone chose the latter with higher graphics performance.

As a result, the PPO Reno 3 Pro will have a greater advantage in post-editing and rendering.


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